Video of Desire
The nonreccuring chance for you to be your own producer! Are you tired of commercial video productions where your own phantasies will not be shown? Are you dreaming of a video which is fitted to your passions and fetishes? A video where your phantasie becomes reality? This dream can come true. I will shoot a video especially for your desires and with me in the star role. You can also be part of the film as objekt of my lust. The plot will be decided by yourself! Just one limitation: No blowjobs, no sex! This video projekt is predominantly adapted to fetishists which can can live out there phantasies with me. For example nylon and foot fetish, facesitting, trampling, roleplays, canning, whipping, golden shower, strap on, anal fisting and a lot more!
Your desire!
How did I get the idea to offer this service by request?
It`s very simple: My fans inspired me of doing it. I got a lot of enquiries of this kind. As a presenter of Beate Uhde TV, professional model, mistress of passion I`m disposing of great base of experiences and I`m often faced with interesting phantasies. From now on you will have the chance to make your video dreams come true!