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DVD "Bizarre by Nature Vol. 2"

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Extreme and kinky! That’s how we have to call the second part, especially scene 3, of Carmen Rivera’s „Bizarre by Nature“. 
There is a reason why you can read in the credits that it is advised not to play the scenes at home by yourself.
Without appropriate experience and sensuality you can hurt yourself physical and mental. That is normally something you can read watching MTV’s “Jackass” or “Scarred”.
And all of you that already have heart about these two productions know that they are about heavy scenes and that the persons have nothing to laugh about.
The particular high erotically rating stands for extreme verbal erotic like in Carmen’s first part.
But we don’t want to tell too much but one thing is for sure: Who ever things that double anal with two cocks is painful should watch this porn DVD. He will see how Carmen Rivera and her friend Ana Nova are fisting Santa Clause and how both their arms are getting rammed into his ass.


-    Cock & Ball Pain
-    Sepp the ski hog
-    Fucking Santa Clause

Carmen Rivera stands for female dominance in perfection. Hard, authentic and consequent. She is fetish model and domina out of passion. With her self-made SM performances and video productions she was able to make a name for herself in Europe.

BIZARRE BY NATURE shows extremely hard scenes out of her movie career that are chosen and composed by no one less than the master of SM, MASTER COSTELLO, himself. One thing is for sure: This is SM action for demanding enjoyers in a very high standard.