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So wie ich bin...

Ich träume davon,
dass jemand mich annähme,
einfach so wie ich bin,
mit meinen ungereimten Wünschen,
ungefertigtem Charakter
und alten Ängsten.

Ich träume davon,
dass jemand mich gelten lässt,
ohne mich zu erziehen,
mit mir übereinstimmt,
ohne sich anzustrengen.

Ich träume davon,
dass ich mich nicht
verteidigen muss,
nicht erklären und kämpfen muss,
dass einer mich liebt.

Einfach so wie ich bin!

Carmen Rivera


Erotic is my life!

Already at the age of 15, I started posing for the camera and for photos. While letting me shoot wearing only a bikini I gained first experience in erotic photography first as a hobby and as a test model for friends.



After my junior high graduation I started an apprenticeship as a photographer (Analog photography) which I have successfully finished after three years. After that I have worked for six years as a professional photographer for portraits and promotion. These six years have passed really fast and suddenly I faced myself standing inside of a photo store as a clerk. I didn’t enjoy this job much and so I changed into a travel agent to sell luxurious journeys to Mauritius, South Africa and to the USA. Subsequent to that, I have worked for six month as a receptionist for a finance corporation. During this time I have decided to go on working as a creative person and that was the reason why I became self deployed with an artist agency.



What followed was a black hole. So I gathered some contacts and got back active. Starting as a Go-go dancer in Germany and abroad I finally got my own erotic shows and got really famous among the scene. Next to other activities I founded an Indian show with Chris de May from “American Dream Men” and a police show with Lamar, singer and Dancer from American Dream Men. I also toured around Clubs and Bars with the “Penthouse Girls” in Germany, Italy, Swiss and Austria.



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